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The history of Salvatore Ferragamo traces back to the early part of the 20th century. They have first started the brand as celebrity shoemakers and then later got established in 2008 when they released the first Ferragamo watches after securing a licensing agreement with the market leader, Timex group. Ferragamo sale has slowly picked up over the past few year’s time and there are maintaining their premium craftsmanship in watch making also as the same as they were following it as a shoemakers.


The latest collection which they released, which are now available at official Ferragamo outlet stores globally have received fair critical acclaim and high popularity. As far as their design and development are concerned, a lot of research and rework goes on for each of their models. These models feature a good blend of traditional and modern designs and uses the most sophisticated materials as well as elegant color combinations. This tremendous designing and manufacturing effort makes Ferragamo watches the most unique looking models on stands. Not just on stands, they are also much noticeable on the wrists too.

Blended style

There are many classic styles also in Ferragamo watches for those who are fond of the traditional looks. On the other hand, those who are looking forward to flaunt of the most contemporary look can get hold of many bold models too in whichever imaginable color, red, pink, purple, orange, burgundy or what not!

For women, grosgrain watches are pretty popular. These models feature grosgrain straps, which has got leather lining too. There are plenty of colors to choose as well as the material feels so soft and smooth on the skin. Also, there are not much watches out there in the market, which is made of such unique material, so Ferragamo watches can give a more distinct appearance and make you stand out in the crowd.

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Another reason why Salvatore Ferragamo watches are so much sought after is because they come with interchangeable straps. You can get two straps with the pack and can also choose more if you want to match your wrist wear with the color of attire your choose to wear for a special occasion. Cheap Ferragamo watches are not so common, but you can find many sites online, putting forth the best deals and can also check out at your local store for seasonal offers.



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